Introduction to the Workforce System

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The Workforce Development System course provides an overview of the system that assists individuals seeking employment and employers seeking skilled workers. You’ll learn all about the system that helps individuals find employment and assists employers in finding skilled workers. Our first objective is to define what workforce development is and why it’s important. We’ll look at how workforce development supports job seekers and employers and what role it plays in the larger economy. Next, we’ll dive into the history of the workforce development system. You’ll gain an understanding of how the system has evolved over time, including significant milestones and policy changes. We’ll then explore the key stakeholders involved in the workforce development system. This includes government agencies, educational institutions, and community-based organizations, and we’ll look at how they all work together to support individuals and employers. Finally, we’ll examine the various programs and services available through the workforce development system. This includes things like job training, career counseling, and employer incentives. You’ll gain an understanding of how these programs and services can help individuals and employers achieve their goals. Overall, by the end of this course, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of the workforce development system and how it can support both individuals and employers.

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