Older Workers in the Workforce

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This course is designed to explore the challenges and opportunities facing older workers in today’s ever-evolving workforce. As our population ages and retirement is delayed, more and more older workers are staying in the workforce or seeking to re-enter it. However, older workers may face unique challenges, such as age discrimination and a need for new skills and training, that can make it difficult to find and maintain employment.

Throughout this course, we will examine the federal programs and policies that support older workers, as well as strategies for addressing their unique needs. We will also explore the growth and trends of the labor market, as well as opportunities for older workers in growing industries.

By the end of this course, you will have a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing older workers in the workforce, and how employers, workforce professionals, and policy makers can work to support and promote a more inclusive and diverse workforce that benefits workers of all ages.

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